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Crane Resistoflex Touch-Up Procedure for Standard Primer

Touch up paint:

Touch-up Paint Color Code Kit Size No. of Components Mix Ratio Dry to Touch Time
Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 846 NSF Gray (LB:4Y48,YO:52,RO:12) 2 Gallon Two 1:1 45 Minutes

The use of an enamel spray paint (Krylon or Rust-Oleum for example) out of a can is not an acceptable touch up material with our paint coating materials. The spray can paint material does not provide the corrosion resistance of a two part epoxy system nor is it an acceptable paint to be top coated. The Crane Resistoflex PLPP business has made the decision to apply a high-end corrosion resistant epoxy paint coating to the exterior of our product. Therefore the appropriate paint coating material used for touch up of the pipe must be the same as the factory primer. This insures the integrity of our paint system is maintained and helps prevent the possibility of a failure of the product due to exterior corrosion.

The paint material used for touch-up does not need to be mixed all at once, but can be mixed in small quantities as needed in the correct proportions. The primer can be brush applied after cleaning any dirt and oil from the surface. The recommended solvent for cleaning tools is Sherwin Williams Thinner #15 and is available in 1 and 5 gallon quantities. The paint material can be stored for 1 year if the individual containers are resealed after measuring out the material for painting.

Sherwin Williams may be contacted at (828) 433-9720.

Touch up tools:

Touch up tools can be purchased from your local commercial/industrial paint supplier or McMaster-Carr.

Recommended touch up tools:

Mixer ½” for 5 gallon container (McMaster-Carr #3471K25)
1 ounce scoop for either hardener components (McMaster-Carr #4394T1)
3 ounce scoop for base component (McMaster-Carr #4394T3)
4 ounce scoop for base component (McMaster-Carr #4394T9)
12” paint stirring sticks (McMaster-Carr #77985T71)
1 quart containers (McMaster-Carr #4084T44)
1” disposable “chip” paint brushes (McMaster-Carr #7737T11)
2” disposable “chip” paint brushes (McMaster-Carr #7737T13)

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