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Tapped Vent CONQUEST® Couplers

CONQUEST® Plastic Lined Piping uses a mechanical coupler over a welded liner to provide a leak-free, flangeless joint. PTFE lined systems require a venting system to prevent permeants from collecting between the liner and steel shell. The new tapped vent coupler provides more flexibility by allowing a variety of devices to be attached to the coupler:

  • Vent extenders
    For insulated pipe, vent paths should be provided between vent holes and the atmosphere. Failure to do so often results in accelerated corrosion of the steel shell and contamination of the insulation. (Learn more about Venting and Insulation). PTFE-lined CONQUEST® is designed to vent at the coupling. The new coupling has a 1/8" NPT tapped vent hole which allows extenders to be threaded in, and routed through the insulation.
  • Leak Detection
    Tests show that a breech in the liner or weld usually results in fluid traveling through the spiral grooves on the metal ID to the annular space between the butt weld and the coupling body. Attachment of leak detection devices to the tapped vent can provide early warning of a liner failure.
  • Collection Systems
    In some cases, venting of even minute quantities of permeants to the atmosphere is undesirable. This may be true with extremely hazardous or toxic chemicals, or in environmentally sensitive areas. The tapped vent allows attachment of collection systems to prevent permeant release to atmosphere.
    High Integrity vent extender featuring Fire-Safe Design

    A Hastelloy® porous disc vent fitting is shipped with the coupler as an optional addition to the completed installation. It's porous nature allows permeated gases to escape the system, but contains any entrained liquids which may result from a liner breech. The vent fitting is also designed according to the same principles as the Fire-Safe Factory Mutual approved HIF system.

    Dimension Differences

    The tapped vent coupler is different than the standard vented coupler. The tapped vent holes required a thicker cross section in the coupler body than is possible with the standard coupler. The groove that accommodates the jaw of the installation tool was previously located in the center of the coupler. The new center rib requires that the groove be located on both sides of the new rib. These changes add to the overall length of the coupler. There is adequate design tolerance in the CONQUEST® fittings to use the longer tapped vent coupler without concern for joint make-up clearance. The exact length of standard vented and the new tapped vent couplers are as follows:

  • Convert To Metric Units
    Size (in.) Standard Couplings - w/ or w/o vent (in.) New Tapped Vent Couplings (in.)
    As Shipped Installed As Shipped Installed
    1 4.50 3.37 5.64 4.51
    1 1/2 5.44 4.06 6.55 5.21
    2 6.50 5.00 7.68 6.15
    3 9.50 6.81 10.76 8.16
    4 11.25 7.75 12.02 9.00

    List Price

    New pricing, (effective 2/1/01) and part number for the 3 different coupling designs are as follows:

      1" 1 1/2" 2" 3" 4"
    Coupling w/o Vent $86 $89 $167 $305 $372
    Part Number   K00003W000100 K00003W000B00 K00003W000200 K00003W000300 K00003W000400
    Coupling w/ Vent $109 $112 $190 $328 $395
    Part Number   KV0003W000100 KV0003W000B00 KV0003W000200 KV0003W000300 KV0003W000400
    Coupling w/ Tapped Vent & HIF Insert $140 $167 $192 $350 $419
    Part Number   KV0003W000101 KV0003W000B01 KV0003W000201 KV0003W000301 KV0003W000401

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