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Get Acrobat Reader You will need Acrobat Reader to view pdf. Tooling Used for Fabricating Swaged Piping

Equipment Type Item No. Tooling Description Resistoflex Part No.1 Liner Used to Fabricate
Pipe Cutter Wheeler Rex is used for doing cut-backs on the pipe ends and for threading the ends.
(Use Angled Cutters Only)
1a #6794 Threader w/Angled Blade Cutter
(1" - 4")
0785824 PP PVDF PTFE
1b #6590 Threaded w/Angled Blade Cutter (2.5" - 6") 0785832 PP PVDF PTFE
1c Replacement Blade 0785816 PP PVDF PTFE

Gear Puller Gear Puller is used in conjunction w/the guide plugs to remove steel rings.
3a 1" - 4" Puller 0660662 PP PVDF PTFE
3b 6" - 8" Puller 0660670 PP PVDF PTFE

Guide Plug Guide Plug is placed inside the pipe after the cutback has been made. It is tightened to help remove the steel ring to expose the liner.
Pipe Size (in.)
4a 1" 0660266 PP PVDF PTFE
4b 1.5" 0660696 PP PVDF PTFE
4c 2" 0660704 PP PVDF PTFE
4d 2.5" 0660712 PP PVDF PTFE
4e 3" 0660720 PP PVDF PTFE
4f 4" 0660738 PP PVDF PTFE
4g 6" 0660746 PP PVDF PTFE
4h 8" 0660753 PP PVDF PTFE

Hot Air Gun Hot Air Gun is used to preheat the exposed liner prior to flaring or morafing.
5a 110V / 2260W Hot Air Gun 0760611 PP PVDF
5b Spare Heat Element for 110V Hot Air Gun 0760637 PP PVDF
5c Spare Carbon Brush Set 0760652 PP PVDF PTFE
5d 220V / 4500W Hot Air Gun 0785162 PP PVDF PTFE
5e Spare Heat Element for 220V Hot Air Gun 0785170 PP PVDF PTFE

Heat Cup Heat Cups are used to line up the heat cups to the flanges. Heat Cups are attached to the hot air gun to heat the exposed liners prior to flaring or morafing.
NOTE: 3, 4, 6, and 8 have special baffles.
Pipe Size (in.)
Heat Cup Pin
Part No.
6a 1" - 4" Puller 7046311 PP PVDF PTFE
6b 6" - 8" Puller 7046329 PP PVDF PTFE
Heat Cup
Part No.
6c 1" 0660761 PP PVDF PTFE
6d 1.5" 0660779 PP PVDF PTFE
6e 2" 0660787 PP PVDF PTFE
6f 2.5" 7058700 PP PVDF PTFE
6g 3" 0660795 PP PVDF PTFE
6h 4" 0784975 PP PVDF PTFE
6i 6" 0660803 PP PVDF PTFE
6j 8" 0660811 PP PVDF PTFE
6k 1" for Thermalok PTFE 0219510 PTFE

Molding Die Molding dies are fastened to the forming tool which is fastened to the flange to form the liner face. (For use with Polypropylene only).
Available for each individual pipe size or in 1" - 4" sets. Dies are clear anodized and identified by size and "WF".
Pipe Size (in.)
  7a 1" 0760660 PP
7b 1.5" 0760678 PP
7c 2" 0760686 PP
7d 2.5" 0760694 PP
7e 3" 0760702 PP
7f 4" 0760710 PP
7g 6" 0760728 PP
7h 8" 0760736 PP

Spark Tester Spark Tester is used to detect a hole or a crack in the liner
9 Model BD-10A (ETP Electronics)
All Pipe sizes
0214239 PP PVDF PTFE

Temperature Sensing Crayon (°F) Temperature Sensing Crayons are used to determine if the dies have reached the suggested temperature prior to flaring.
230°F (110°C), 250°F (121°C) and 300° (149°C) crayons are required or suitable range contact pyrometer.
10a 230 0757732 PVDF
10b 250 0742973 PVDF
10c 300 0742981 PVDF

Forming Tool Forming Tools hold the molding die in place. Then the molding is attached to the flange to form the liner face.
11a Tool for 1" - 2" PVDF sizes (hydraulic) 0753350 PVDF
11b 3" - 4" (Reaction Arm Set - hydraulic) 0742924 PVDF
11c 6" - 8" (Reaction Arm Set - hydraulic) 0742932 PVDF
11d Reaction Frame Assembly (3" - 8") (hydraulic) 0742916 PVDF
11e 1" - 4" Forming Tool Assembly 0660241 PP PTFE
11f 6" & 8" Forming Tool Assembly 0660654 PP PTFE

Preformer Cone Preformer Cone (at room temperature) is attached to the forming tool and pushed flush to the flange for 10 seconds to achieve the wanted shape.
Cones for 1" - 2" PVDF sizes. NOTE: All PVDF preformers are anodized black.
Pipe Size (in.)
Preformer Cone
Part No.
12a 1 0753400 PVDF
12b 1.5" 0753418 PVDF
12c 2" 0743426 PVDF
12d Universal cone for all sizes with PTFE 0661066 PVDF

Flaring Die Flaring Dies are heated to the desired temperature and placed against the liner following the preformer to complete the forming of face flat to the locking collar.

Flaring Die
Part No.
13a 1" 0753376 PVDF
13b 1.5" 0753384 PVDF
13c 2" 0753392 PVDF
13d 3" 0742874 PVDF
13e 4" 0742882 PVDF
13f 6" 0742880 PVDF
13g 8" 0742908 PVDF
13h 1" 0661074 PTFE
13i 1.5" 0661017 PTFE
13j 2" 0660969 PTFE
13k 3" 0661033 PTFE
13l 4" 0660985 PTFE
13m 6" 7058470 PTFE
13n 8" 7058480 PTFE

Hot Plate Hot Plate is used to heat the PVDF dies.
14 Needed to preheat forming die to: 280-300°F (138-149°C) Hot Plate 0771923 PVDF

Hydraulic Pump (10,000 psi) Hydraulic Pump is attached to a hose that fastens to the forming tool and pushes the die in the form of a flared end.
15   0776436 PVDF

Liner Expansion (Thermalok 1-10") Liner Expansion expand the liner to ensure the liner is stable during the flaring procedure.
  1" Expander 0217398 PTFE
1.5" Expander 0214486 PTFE
2" Expander 0214494 PTFE
3" Expander 0214502 PTFE
4" Expander 0214510 PTFE
6" Expander 0214528 PTFE
8" Expander 0214536 PTFE
10" Expander PTFE

Liner Expander Wrench 1" Wrench 0217406 PTFE
1Items with Resistoflex Part No. are available for lease. Other tooling must be purchased directly from the supplier.

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