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Special Shapes

  • Available lined with TEFZEL®.
  • TEFZEL® has better chemical resistance to 300&degF than any plastic except TEFLON®. Click here, for Chemical Resistance and Properties of Tefzel®.
  • Large diameter capability up to 24" NPS.
  • Liner is seamless with uniform thickness.
  • Liner is mechanically bonded to metal substrate.
  • Standard liner thickness is .200" nominal, with thicker liner available.
  • Resistoflex can line customer-supplied housings.
Melt-processable resins such as TEFZEL® ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), in conjunction with rotational lining, have allowed Resistoflex a new freedom in producing lined steel piping products with custom or complex dimensions - with the same excellent quality the CPI has come to expect, at a price lower than expensive alloys.

We can supply your corrosive resistant lining requirements for large diameters and custom-dimension fittings, valve bodies, pump casings, flowmeters, and vessels. In fact, our capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Rotational lining is an ideal method to line the interior surfaces of complex metal fabrications:
  • A pre-weighed amount of resin in place inside the part.
  • With the flanges sealed, the fitting is heated in a forced-air oven while being rotated on two axes simultaneously.
  • The bi-axial rotation transfers the heat evenly to the fitting, until the resin's melt temperature is reached. As the resin melts, it uniformly coats the interior, regardless of the geometry of the fitting.
  • The heat is turned off and the fitting continues to rotate as it cools, allowing the resin to set. The result is a seamless, heavy-duty plastic lining with available thicknesses up to .250".
  • Prior to shipping, all complex shapes must pass a 12,500 volt electrostatic test or 425 psig hydrostatic test.
No expensive tooling or molds are required. The lining is continuous and homogeneous, with no seams, welds or stresses. The thick lining also allows for machining of critical flare faces and o-ring grooves.

Rotational lining is superior to sheet linings, powder coatings, fluidized bed coatings and spray coatings.

Branch Manifold

Double Branch Instrument Tee

Custom Manifold

5-Gallon Tank for Semiconductor Industry


TEFLON® is a trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes TEFLON®.

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