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Lined and Jacketed with PTFE for Injecting Steam & Other Vapors.


*Holes are located to customer specification (See Bolt Torques).
**Recommended maximum length for mild agitation is shown as a general guide for liquids having about the same density and viscosity as water. For longer lengths or more severe operating loads (density, viscosity and velocity of fluid at the pipe), a larger size or internal bracing should be employed.

Resistoflex Spargers for injecting steam and other vapors below the liquid level are designed to be highly resistant to mechanical fatigue and thermal shock, and provide the ultimate in corrosion-resistant, non-contaminating construction to 350°F.

Resistoflex Spargers used schedule 80 pipe, lined and jacketed with PTFE and are designed to withstand the high mechanical loads associated with mixing or agitation in reactors or other process vessels. An external heavy wall PTFE tube is then applied which extends beyond the weld of the lined and jacketed steel reinforcement to provide a sparging section at the bottom. A PTFE plug, held by PTFE bolts and nuts, is installed at the end of this heavy tube and minimizes corrosion deposits and its non-stick surface retards buildup of precipitated solids at the orifices. Good erosion resistance maintains contamination free service. The packing gland provides gas-tight seals up to 50 psi.

Warning: Exceeding the maximum recommended service temperature and/or pressure, or recommended unsupported length can result in premature failure and personnel and/or equipment hazard.

Convert To Metric Units
Dimensional Data, inches
Part # Pipe & Connecting Flange Size Nozzle Flange size Nominal O.D.* Max. Recommended Unsupported Length** feet
R671632-L-XX 1 2 1 15/16 4
R672448-L-XX 1 1/2 3 2 9/16 5
R672464-L-XX 1 1/2 4 2 33/64 5
R673264-L-XX 2 4 3 6
R674896-L-XX 3 6 4 1/8 8
Note: The nozzle flange sizes shown are the only sizes available. To connect a sparger to a larger nozzle, a reducing flange must be used. Contact factory for more information as not all standard reducing flanges are suitable.

Part Number Code

Sparging Area
First three digits = inches
Last digit = fractional length in eighths of an inch
Nozzle Flange Size
Pipe and Connecting Flange Size

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