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Solid PTFE Dip Pipes and Spargers

The superior advantages of PTFE are also offered without steel reinforcement in both dip pipes and spargers. Support is provided by using the tank baffle or similar projection within the vessel. The solid PTFE tube is ideally suited for application where the presence of the steel pipe in the process vessel is undesirable. Because of the support offered by the baffle, this construction may also be used where excess length or agitation would rule out the use of other FLUOROFLEX pipes. Often, the force of agitation is sufficient to hold the pipe in place against the baffle, but additional clamping is recommended.

Resistoflex Solid PTFE Spargers used for applications in top loading vessels such as open kettles and pickling tanks where bent or curved assemblies are required are available in heavy walled, solid PTFE construction. They are designed to withstand erosion by steam and other vapors at elevated temperatures and pressures, and to eliminate contamination. Specially designed PTFE flanges are securely threaded and pinned to the tube. Plugs, where desired, are also threaded and pinned in place. The maximum recommended operating pressure is 150 psi at 350°F.

WARNING: Exceeding the maximum recommended service temperature and/or pressure, or recommended unsupported length can result in premature failure and personnel and/or equipment hazard.

Convert To Metric Units
Dimensional Data, inches
Tubing Size Flange & Plug
Bend Radius
Coupling O.D.
O.D. I.D.
1 1/4 1/2 1 2 2 1/8
1 3/8 3/4 1 2 2 1/4
1 3/4 1 1 1/2 3 2 5/8
2 1/4 1 1/2 2 4 3 3/8
3 2 2 1/2 8 4 3/8
Note: The maximum length is 12'. Longer lengths can be made by using threaded couplings.
Sparger holes are located to customer specifications.




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