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Get Acrobat Reader You will need Acrobat Reader to view pdf Bull's Eye Sight Indicators
PTFE-Lined, 150lb. Flanged

Resistoflex Bull's Eye Sight Indicators are ideal for observing fluid characteristics of severely corrosive liquids. Motion, flow and color can be inspected visually during the process, since these indicators are equipped with two heavy Pyrex* tempered and polished glass windows for ANSI Class 150 service.

Drip Lips of PTFE are suggested for use with Resistoflex Sight Indicators where, because of small quantity of liquid in line, it is difficult to determine if flow is present. These devices collect the liquid and allows it to spill from the drip lip which is located at the center of the glass. Drip lips can only be used in vertical lines.

Flutter Flow Indicators are recommended in any service where it is necessary to determine if a line is completely full or completely empty. Movement in the flutter flow indicator shows that the line is full.

Notes: Ductile Iron (A395) Bull's Eye Sight Indicators have vacuum ratings as shown in the table at the right and their maximum temperature rating is 400°F. 100% of Bull's Eye Sight Indicators are hydrostatically tested at 425 psig prior to shipment.
*Pyrex is a Corning Glassworks trademark.

Convert To Metric Units
Part # Length Vacuum Rating
(in. Hg/°F)
1 5000B1VV0N100 7 FV/300
1 1/2 5000B1VV0NB00 8 FV/250
2 5000B1VV0N200 9
3 5000B1VV0N300 11 FV/200
4 5000B1VV0N400 13 25/200
6 5000B1VV0N600 16 No Vacuum

If the Sight Indicator is to include a Flutter Flow Indicator, the second character in the part number should be "F" (5F00B1VV0N200). If it is to include a Drip Lip, the third character of the part number should be "D" (50D0B1VV0N200). If both a drip lip and a flutter flow are required, use both characters (5DF0B1VV0N200).

Dimensional Data

Fabricated Bull's Eye Sight Indicator in CS or SS

Part # Size
5000M3VV0V100 1 4.80 3.91 2.61 3.50
5000M3VV0VB00 1 1/2 5.58 4.48 3.10 4.00
5000M3VV0V200 2 5.86 4.92 3.49 4.50
5000M3VV0V300 3 7.04 6.10 4.30 5.50
5000M3VV0V400 4 7.57 6.76 4.95 6.50
5000M3VV0V600 6 9.35 8.45 6.33 8.00
Notes: Fabricated Bull's Eye Sight Indicators are rated for full vacuum service from 20°F to 400°F and are available with stainless steel housings and flanges.

Replacement of Glass or Gaskets

Resistoflex supplies spare parts for the Bullís Eye Sight Indicator, including the glass element, PTFE gasket, FEP disc, fiber gasket, and retaining flange. Re-assembly and hydrostatic test procedure must be followed as outlined in the Rebuild Procedure. Note - when a Bullís Eye Sight Glass Indicator is rebuilt, the user must always replace the PTFE gasket and FEP disc.

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