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Quality Systems

Resistoflex's quality pledge is to "meet or exceed the needs of our customers". Our quality system is not a program; it's a process that is planned for, continuously improved, and managed by each employee. Our commitment to the highest levels of manufacturing excellence begins with:

  • An Employee Education Program
  • Continuously Improves with the Methodology of Six-Sigma
  • Focuses on Adding Value to the Customer through Implementation of Lean Principles
ISO 9001

Employee Education

Rx University is comprised of 8 separate classes and is coordinated through the local community college. Core emphasis is placed on:

  • Fundamentals of Quality
  • Measuring Techniques
  • Mathematics
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Change


"Six-Sigma" is a disciplined methodology that focuses all products, processes, and services towards perfection---zero defects. Resistoflex employs 1 Master Black Belt, 2 Black Belts, and 1 Green Belt. Six Sigma tools are applied to a variety of projects where the methodology is concentrated on 5 activities:

  • Defining
  • Measuring
  • Analyzing
  • Improving
  • Controlling

Six Sigma projects have and continue to increase the quality, speed, and efficiency of our operations.

Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence program at Crane Co. is designed to implement Lean principles through all business units. It is built on the foundation of our Six-Sigma program, but it extends beyond Six-Sigma into a full Lean initiative. The goal is simple: Focus on adding value to our customers by eliminating non-value-added activities. A Six Sigma Company that seeks Operational Excellence has:

  • World-Class Quality
  • Only 3.4 Defects per Million Opportunities
  • Is a Successful Business
  • Exceeds their Customer's Expectations

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