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PTFE-Lined Stainless Steel Pipe

Length (XXXX) is indicated by the first three digits as whole inches, and the fourth digit as eighths of an inch.
Example: 122 3/4" = 1226; 49" = 0490.
Convert To Metric Units
Part Number 1st End 2nd End
316 304
1 R6104BB016-XXXX R6105CC016-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB016-XXXX R6105FC016-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF016-1200 R6105FF016-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF016-2400 R6105FF016-2400
1 1/2 R6104BB024-XXXX R6105CC024-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB024-XXXX R6105FC024-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF024-1200 R6105FF024-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF024-2400 R6105FF024-2400
2 R6104BB032-XXXX R6105CC032-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB032-XXXX R6105FC032-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF032-1200 R6105FF032-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF032-2400 R6105FF032-2400
3 R6104BB048-XXXX R6105CC048-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB048-XXXX R6105FC048-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF048-1200 R6105FF048-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF048-2400 R6105FF048-2400
4 R6104BB064-XXXX R6105CC064-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB064-XXXX R6105FC064-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF064-1200 R6105FF064-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF064-2400 R6105FF064-2400
6 R6104BB096-XXXX R6105CC096-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB096-XXXX R6105FC096-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF096-1200 R6105FF096-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF096-2400 R6105FF096-2400
8 R6104BB128-XXXX R6105CC128-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB128-XXXX R6105FC128-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF128-1200 R6105FF128-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF128-1800 R6105FF128-1800
10 R6104BB160-XXXX R6105CC160-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
R6104FB160-XXXX R6105FC160-XXXX Field Flare
R6104FF160-1200 R6105FF160-1200 Field Flare
R6104FF160-1800 R6105FF160-1800
12 R6104BB192-XXXX R6105CC192-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone

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