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Pipe, Fittings & Valves
CONQUEST® Pipe & Fittings
PTFE & PFA Lined Pipe
PVDF Lined Pipe
PP Lined Pipe
PTFE & PFA Lined Fittings
PVDF Lined Fittings
PP Lined Fittings
PTFE, PVDF, & PP Spacers
Vertical & Horizontal Check & Diaphragm Valves

*Resistoflex General "Drop-In" Lined Pipe Specification
Standard Primer
*Pipe/Fittings Standard Primer Data Sheet
Standard Primer Touch-Up Instructions

Note: Prior to October, 2002, Resistoflex used a Deft primer on all items manufactured at Marion, NC. For the Deft primer data sheet, *click here.

High Performance Paint Systems
OEM Paint Technical Sheet
*Carboline 859EZ Data Sheet
*Carboline 133HB Data Sheet
*Carboline 893SG Data Sheet
*Carboline Thermaline 450 Data Sheet

*These documents are pdf's you will need Acrobat Reader to view these.Get Acrobat Reader

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