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Product Stewardship

Resistoflex is committed to exercising "responsible care" regarding its products during their manufacture, and their use by customers. This commitment is often expressed in the phase "Product Stewardship". Given this concern for good Product Stewardship, we wish to encourage those who specify, install, or use Resistoflex Plastic-Lined Piping Products to be distinctly aware of their own responsibilities for the proper and safe application of these materials.

The properties of plastic-lined piping products permit these materials to be considered for transporting a wide variety of combinations and concentrations of fluids. Furthermore, variable operating conditions (for example, the range, high and low limits, frequency, and rapidity of thermal cycling), add to the endless list of conceivable applications beyond the control of the plastic-lined piping products manufacturer. While the general guidelines information may be present, complete and specific performance data is obviously unavailable for most applications.

Consequently, it is the end user and not the manufacturer who assumes all responsibility and risk for proper evaluation, application, and performance of plastic-lined piping products for any and all specific uses, and proper, lawful disposal of the product after its use. For additional information concerning our products, please contact us.

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