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PP-Lined Stainless Steel Pipe

Van Stone flanges shown are DI flanges. CS or SS are available.

Length (XXXX) is indicated by the first three digits as whole inches, and the fourth digit as eighths of an inch.
Example: 122 3/4" = 1226; 49" = 0490.
Convert To Metric Units
Part Number 1st End 2nd End
316 304
1 G2104BB016-XXXX G2105CC016-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
G2104FB016-XXXX G2105FC016-XXXX Field Flare
G2104FF016-1200 G2105FF016-1200 Field Flare
G2104FF016-2400 G2105FF016-2400
1 1/2 G2104BB024-XXXX G2105CC024-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
G2104FB024-XXXX G2105FC024-XXXX Field Flare
G2104FF024-1200 G2105FF024-1200 Field Flare
G2104FF024-2400 G2105FF024-2400
2 G2104BB032-XXXX G2105CC032-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
G2104FB032-XXXX G2105FC032-XXXX Field Flare
G2104FF032-1200 G2105FF032-1200 Field Flare
G2104FF032-2400 G2105FF032-2400
3 G2104BB048-XXXX G2105CC048-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
G2104FB048-XXXX G2105FC048-XXXX Field Flare
G2104FF048-1200 G2105FF048-1200 Field Flare
G2104FF048-2400 G2105FF048-2400
4 G2104BB064-XXXX G2105CC064-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
G2104FB064-XXXX G2105FC064-XXXX Field Flare
G2104FF064-1200 G2105FF064-1200 Field Flare
G2104FF064-2400 G2105FF064-2400
6 G2104BB096-XXXX G2105CC096-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
G2104FB096-XXXX G2105FC096-XXXX Field Flare
G2104FF096-1200 G2105FF096-1200 Field Flare
G2104FF096-2400 G2105FF096-2400
8 G2104BB128-XXXX G2105CC128-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
G2104FB128-XXXX G2105FC128-XXXX Field Flare
G2104FF128-1200 G2105FF128-1200 Field Flare
G2104FF128-2400 G2105FF128-2400
10 G2104BB160-XXXX G2105CC160-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone
12 G2104BB192-XXXX G2105CC192-XXXX Van Stone Van Stone

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