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Get Acrobat Reader High Performance Coatings That Work

After collecting input from major end-users, paint manufacturers, and distributors, we have developed four premium paint options with reduced standard pricing. This standardized offering meets 90% of the past special painting requirements. These 4 Paint options enable improved pricing and shorter lead times by using paints that are easier to apply. The premium paint option is being offered for pipe and fittings. Our standard primer remains unchanged.

The four OEM paints are:

  • *Carboline 859EZ: Two-Part Zinc Rich Epoxy.
  • *Carboline 893SG: Two-Part Polyamide Epoxy.
  • *Carboline 133HB: An Aliphatic Acrylic-Polyester Polyurethane.
  • *Carboline Thermaline 450: A High-Temperature Phenolic Amine Cured Epoxy Novalac.

    *These are pdf's and need Acrobat Reader.

  • These paints are offered in the following 2 & 3 coat combinations.

    Note: Normal shipping and handling can cause paint damage that requires touch-up at the job site. Costs associated with paint touch-up are for Buyer's account.

    OEM System Application Primer/Topcoat Supplier Designation D.F.T. Color
  • Above ground
  • Indoor
  • < 250°
  • Ease of recoat
  • Not insulated
  • 2 - Part organic zinc rich epoxy primer per SSPC Paint 20 Carboline 859EZ .002 - .003 Green
    2 - Part polyamide epoxy Carboline 893SG .004 - .006 Custom
  • Above ground
  • Outdoor
  • < 250°
  • Not insulated
  • Resists UV Fading
  • 2 - Part organic zinc rich epoxy primer per SSPC Paint 20 Carboline 859EZ .002 - .003 Green
    Aliphatic Acrylic-Polyester Polyurethane Carboline 133HB .003 - .005 Custom
  • Above ground
  • Outdoor
  • < 250°
  • Not insulated
  • Resists UV Fading
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • 2 - Part organic zinc rich epoxy primer per SSPC Paint 20 Carboline 859EZ .002 - .003 Green
    2 - Part polyamide epoxy Carboline 893SG .004 - .006 Gray
    Aliphatic Acrylic-Polyester Polyurethane Carboline 133HB .003 - .005 Custom
    4 Special Applications
  • Underground
  • Insulated Pipe
  • Wet/dry to 450°, or
  • Acid/alkali splash
  • 2 - Part glass flake filled phenolic modified amine cured epoxy novalac Carboline Thermaline 450 .008 - .010 Red or Gray

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Q1 - Is paint always the right solution to the external corrosion protection of lined pipe?
    Piping with dissimilar metals such as stainless steel pipe with steel or ductile iron flanges would be better if ordered with galvanized flanges when used in outside coastal environments.

    Q2 - Can I get OEM coatings in different colors?
    The final coat is available in custom colors except for the Thermaline 450 system, which is available in Red or Gray.

    Q3 - Why is organic rather than inorganic Zinc part of OEM coatings?
    The organic Zinc 8701 provides consistent adhesion to subsequent coatings irrespective of its cure state when it is overcoated. All inorganic or organic Zincs are less "noble" than steel and have the same purpose of sacrificing themselves to cathodically or galvanically protect iron or steel.

    Q4 - What PH range of periodic splash of acid or Alkali solutions should Thermaline 450 start being considered?
    When periodic splash of PH < 6 or PH > 10 of fluid becomes likely.

    Q5 - Why is Thermaline 450 shown as a three coat price when product literature shows it can be applied in two coats?
    The material expense of Thermaline 450 precludes it from being supplied as a two coat price.

    Q6 - When in doubt what system should be provided, why not always defer to Thermaline 450 with its better alkali / Acid splash and temperature resistance?
    The Zinc in 859EZ with other paint systems helps protect areas where pipe has nicks or scrapes to bare metal when used in a coastal environment.

    Q7 - Where can I get a recommendation for a paint system?
    Call Carboline general Tel# 800-848-4645 and then 4 for Technical Service followed by 1 to speak directly to a person. Mention that you are calling about the Resistoflex coating systems and be prepared with the following information:
    • Indoor or outdoor exposure
    • Above ground or underground
    • Inland or coastal environment
    • MSDS of fluid being carried
    • Temperature of fluid being carried
    • Insulated or Non-insulated application
    • Any periodic exposure that should be considered
    To inquire further about our piping solutions, please Contact Us.
    To locate a distributor in your area, visit Distribution Network.

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