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Resistoflex 14" - 24" PTFE-Lined Pipe, Fittings, and Expansion Joints

Resistoflex is a full-line manufacturer of PTFE-lined pipe and fittings in sizes 1" - 24". The 14" - 24" product line includes:

  • Paste-extruded PTFE liners
    (no PTFE welding)
  • Pipe spools with fixed or rotating flanges
  • Elbows in 90, 45, 30, and 60 degree bends
  • Equal tees and reducing tees
  • Instrument tees with single or multiple branches
  • Concentric and eccentric reducers
  • Spacers
  • Expansion joints
  • Optional full-vacuum capability in 14" - 18" sizes.
  • Flanges are ANSI 150, ANSI 300, or DIN.
Please see some photos below of standard and custom PTFE-lined pipe and fittings:

18" NPS PTFE-Lined 90 Ell

18" NPS Vibration Dampener, Using (2) 18" NPS PTFE Expansion Joints

24" NPS PTFE-Lined Pipe Spool with (4) Branches

14" NPS PTFE-Lined Vessel

20" NPS PTFE-Lined and Covered Steel Dip Pipe

PTFE-Lined 18" NPS x 6" NPS Reducing Tee with Antistatic Liner

Molded PTFE 24" NPS Full Vacuum Expansion Joint

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