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HIF - Special Adapter

T575-XXX-XXX Adapters allow for mating HIF systems to flat-faces flanged components having permanent gasket faces. The gasket OD must not exceed the maximum allowable customer diameter. The length of the adapter is determined from the "effective flare thickness".

Convert To Metric Units
Part Number Nom. Size (in.) A B Max. allowable customer flare dia.
T575-016-XXXX 1 .919 Effective
T575-024-XXXX 1 1/2 1.064 2.719
T575-032-XXXX 2 1.212 3.469
T575-048-XXXX 3 1.372 4.656
T575-064-XXXX 4 1.592 6.025
T575-096-XXXX 6 2.655 8.031

Example of Part Number

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