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Piping Handbook
by: Nayyar, Mohinder L.
1999/03 ISBN:0070471061 Hardcover

Upgraded, updated, and unsurpassed - the Piping Handbook, now in its seventh edition covers the entire field of piping-related subjects. It's the most useful, complete, well-organized, and internationally applicable professional reference in the field. Featuring 90% new or meticulously revised text, 15 added sections (including Plastic-Lined Piping), and the inclusion of SI units, this best-selling guide thoroughly reflects the latest changes in piping design, practice, materials, and industry standards.

Key Features:
  • Full coverage of materials, properties, and limitations
  • Hundreds of piping system design details
  • New sections on bolted and threaded joints, erosion and corrosion, double-containment systems, international piping material specifications, standards, and more
  • SI units and customary
Available at or other major booksellers

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