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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.1 What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a text-only string that gets entered into the memory of your browser. This value is given a expiration time which can be set to be longer than the time you spend at that site. If longer, then this string is saved to file for future reference.

1.2 Why do sites use Cookies?

There are many reasons a given site would wish to use cookies. These range from the ability to personalize information (like on My Yahoo or Excite), or to help with on-line sales/services (like on Amazon Books or eBay), or simply for the purposes of collecting demographic information (like DoubleClick). Cookies also provide programmers with a quick and convenient means of keeping site content fresh and relevant to the user's interests. We use them mostly for login purposes so users don't have to log into their accounts each time they visit our site. Cookies also allow returning customers to view order and shipping information.

1.3 Can I delete my cookies?

Yes. Whether you use Internet Explorer or Netscape, your cookies are saved to a simple text file that you can delete as you please.

In order to do this properly, remember to close your browser first. This is because all your cookies are held in memory until you close your browser. So, if you delete the file with your browser open, it will make a new file when you close it, and your cookies will be back.

Remember that deleting your cookie file entirely will cause you to "start from scratch" with every web site you usually visit. So, it may be preferable to open the cookies.txt file (in the case of Netscape) and remove only the entries you don't like, or go to the cookies folder (in the case of IE) and delete the files matching servers you don't want.

2.1 I'm registered...Why can't I view my Order Information?

When you register, an email is sent to our representatives who verify your customer status. Once verified, your customer id is added to your web profile and you will be able to view order information. This process may take a few days to process. You may use the Contact Us form to inquire on this process or contact your Customer Service Representative.

2.2 The website gave me an error what?

It is very helpful if you could copy the error message to send to us. Please report all error messages to or use our Support form HERE. We will investigate each incident as we receive it.

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