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Extra Long Pipe

40-foot pipe lengths - for replacing two 20-foot lengths and their flanged connection

40-foot (12.2m) sections are especially useful for transfer lines and other long, straight runs. They are available in swaged PTFE, PP, and PVDF-lined pipe in 1½" - 6" (40mm - 150mm) sizes, and in PFA-lined pipe in 1½" - 2" (40mm - 50mm) sizes.

Plastic-lined pipe that is loose-lined or reverse-swaged (where the liner is compressed then inserted into a steel shell where it expands) has been - and still is - limited in length to 20 feet (6.1m). This is based on the ability of the transitional flare radius (that portion of the plastic liner that is flared over the flange face to form a gasket) to withstand the stress loads of thermal cycling.

Resistoflex uses an exclusive picking and swaging manufacturing process where the steel shell is compressed down upon the liner. This locks the liner in place to inhibit differential movement of the liner during temperature cycling. This process allows Resistoflex to offer 40-foot (12.2m) sections.

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