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Directions from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Crane Resistoflex in Marion, NC

From the airport, take the Airport Freeway to Billy Graham Parkway north, to I-85 south. Take I-85 South to 321 North. Take 321 North to 40 West. On 40 take exit 86 and turn right onto Hwy 226 North. At the four-way intersection go straight and you will be on the 226/221 bypass. Go approx. 6-8 miles and turn left on to Hwy 70. On 70 go approx. 2 miles and turn left on Resistoflex Rd right past Tom Johnson RV Center. Resistoflex Rd winds around, crosses a river, then comes to a T intersection just past the bridge. Turn right and follow signs to the plant.

If you have any questions, please call 828-724-4000.


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