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Get Acrobat Reader You will need Acrobat Reader to view pdf Chemical Resistance Table for Diaphragms

Tefzel® Chemical Resistance and Mechanical Properties
*This link will take you to the DuPont website.

The elastomer material ratings in this section are provided courtesy of DuPont. These ranges are designed to help in the evaluation of diaphragm materials for Resistoflex Diaphragm Valves. Please note that the ratings apply to the brand name materials listed and should not be used to evaluate generic materials due to elastomer formula and quality variations.

PTFE 1-piece and 2-piece diaphragms are relatively inert. PTFE diaphragms can be selected using the same ratings, permeation, and ESC comments as apply to Resistoflex Plastic-Lined Piping Products with one exception. PTFE, Viton®** fluoroelastomer, and Nordel® diaphragms are limited to 300°F and pressures at or below 150 psig due to valve construction. Hypalon®** diaphragms are limited to 225°F, and Neoprene diaphragms are limited to 200°F.

RATING KEY: A - Fluid has little or no effect
B - Fluid has minor to moderate effect
C - Fluid has severe effect
T - No data - likely to be compatible

X - No data - not likely to be compatible
NR - Not recommended
Blank indicates no evaluation has been attempted

1Unless otherwise noted, concentration of aqueous solutions are saturated. All ratings are at room temperature unless specified.
2Registered trademarks of E.I. duPont de Nemours & Company, Inc.
*Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company.
** Viton® and Hypalon® are Registered trademarks of DuPont Performance Elastomers

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