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CONQUEST® Installation

  • On-site training for first time installations.
  • Use a dedicated crew for the entire installation.
  • Installation tools can be either purchased or rented.
  • Access to hoist, man-lift and/or scaffolding
  • Electric power for heater and hydraulic pump
    • Not NEMA rated for flammable areas
  • Have adequate clearance in pipe rack for McElroy fixturing device.
  • Installation time reduced if hangers & supports already in place and pipe pre-positioned.
  • Coupling tool weight considerations
    • 1 - 2" tool wt. - 25 lbs
    • 3 - 4" tool wt. - 75 lbs
  • Start at one end and work to the other.
  • Time to make a typical connection is 20 minutes, but can be longer in hard to reach locations.
  • One pipe end must be able to move 3". We do not recommend to move > 40 ft. of piping at one time.
    • Use roller slides or grease contact surfaces on longer pipe lengths
  • Weather shielding. Wind bag must be used when welding PTFE or PFA liners.
  • Always position coupling on to pipe before the liner is welded.
  • If you make a bad weld, re-do it before installing coupling.
  • Bubble test possible on individual welds.
  • Repairs can be made to already installed piping.
  • Equipment not designed for vertical welds. They need to be pre-assembled in horizontal position.

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