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CONQUEST® Flangeless Piping
Torque Considerations for the CONQUEST® coupling

Torsional loading is a consideration in the design of any piping system, but is particularly important with CONQUEST flangeless piping. Reason: The inner plastic liner of adjacent pipe sections are butt-welded together and, therefore, cannot act independently of each other. If torsional loading on the joint exceeds the mechanical coupling's ability to resist turning, the plastic liner may twist and break at the connection.

Torsional loading can occur in many situations, particularly where there are direction changes, during the transport of a flangeless assembly, or while lifting a flangeless assembly into a pipe truss.

Table 2 lists the torque values that are not to be exceeded for the CONQUEST Connection after the mechanical coupling is installed.

Maximum Allowable Torque Values
Pipe Size
inches (mm)
Allowable Torque
ft-lb (N-m)
1 (25) 450 (610)
1½ (40) 750 (1017)
2 (50) 1000 (1356)
3 (80) 2100 (2848)
4 (100) 3100 (4204)

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