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CONQUEST®: Designing piping to meet today's demands

Facing tighter regulations and tighter budgets, many companies have been searching for ways to help reduce maintenance and prevent fugitive emissions and leaks in their piping systems.

Resistoflex has an answer. Our CONQUEST® plastic-lined piping system virtually eliminates the need for flanged connections.

While flanged connections on plastic-lined pipe have provided a strong, tight seal in the past, there has been a growing concern about their maintenance requirements. Before, visual inspections of piping system connections sufficed; now vapor analyzers are required to measure potential fugitive emissions in many service environments. Leak criteria is more stringent, causing companies to invest millions of dollars in a variety of new products and equipment. Many of these just measure the problem, or postpone it.

That's why Resistoflex has designed the CONQUEST® system. It consists of three Resistoflex exclusives that trim flanged connections by up to 95 percent, virtually eliminating fugitive emissions, leaks, and maintenance in the plastic lined-piping system:

CONQUEST® can also save thousands in installation costs. To learn how CONQUEST® can help you reduce costs, see the Life Cycle Cost.

So, what's the secret? CONQUEST® uses mechanical couplings over a butt-welded liner instead of flanges to provide completely sealed, permanent pipe-to-pipe connections and pipe-to-fitting connections, such as tees and 45° & 90° elbows. Because there are no flanged connections, there's no potential for fugitive emissions or leaks. Which means there's nothing to monitor, and no nuts, bolts and flange protectors to install. With properly trained pipe fitters, installation can be quicker and cheaper.

By replacing elbows with compound bends, MULTI-AXIS® requires no connections for directional changes in piping runs. Pipe sections are precisely bent at any angle up to 90°, with up to 4 bends possible in a single spool. While it eliminates connections, it also reduces the pressure drop across the bend. Why? Because MULTI-AXIS has a longer bend radius - 3 diameters vs. 1.5 diameters for conventional fittings, and it also eliminates the slight misalignment present at most flanged connections.

We also offer 40-foot (12 meter) sections. How? Resistoflex's exclusive swaging manufacturing process compresses the steel shell down upon the liner. By doing this, the liner is locked in place to inhibit differential movement of the liner during temperature cycling. The 40-foot sections are especially useful for transfer lines and other long, straight runs.

The CONQUEST® family of products is available with PTFE, PVDF, PP, and PFA liners in sizes 1"-4". Let our engineering support service group help you design it into your current piping project.

To inquire further about our piping solutions, please Contact Us.
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