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PTFE Clamp Valves

Dimensional Data

Details of Design

Manually Operated
Ideal for practically all applications in which corrosive chemicals are processed or conveyed by piping.

Linear Actuated
Specially designed to meet the demands and needs of the Chemical Process Industry.


The Clamp Valve lined with TEFLON® PTFE is a full-flow, straight-through packless valve, is capable of bubble-tight shutoff and fine throttling. These features coupled with minimum maintenance and unexcelled corrosion resistance, makes the PTFE clamp valve the most economical valve available for tough CPI installations.

The clamp valve consists of a flexible PTFE tube and a clamp. It is somewhat similar to a pinch valve, but, unlike a pinch valve, the tubing is never kinked or creased or pinched.

PTFE Clamp Valves are available in sizes 1" through 8" in various configurations and with a number of optional accessories.

Because all wetted surfaces are PTFE, the clamp valves offer unsurpassed chemical resistance at temperatures to 400°F (350°C) for 6" and 8" valves.

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TEFLON® is a trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes TEFLON®.