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High Purity

Only TEFLON® PTFE processed by Resistoflex offers true protection against all sources of contamination. We've been making our TEFLON® PTFE liners for over 50 years!

Handling Acids

Because of its superior corrosion resistance, acid handling is the most common application for Plastic-Lined Piping Products.


Solids or slurry handling can create erosion in addition to corrosion. The degree of erosion is dependent on the nature of the solids being handled.

Food & Drugs

All plastic liners used in Resistoflex plastic line pipe, fittings and valves are approved for food services as per the requirements established in the Federal Register. The only exception is PFA, which can be special ordered with FDA approved resin.

There is no single standard, specification, or plant practice that completely covers the subject of underground piping. Since there is no standard practice, this technical bulletin will only provide general guidelines for underground pipe.

Bleaching Agents

Bleaching agents are among the most commonly handled substances in a variety of industries, most notably paper and chemical pulp, textiles and food. Plastic-Lined Pipe is ideal for handling many of these chemicals.

Chlorine Service

While Resistoflex Plastic-Lined Piping can be used in dry chlorine service, the Chlorine Institute states that it may be more economical to use carbon steel - as long as the system will be operating between -20&degF and 300&degF (-30&degC to 150&degC), and no moisture will be introduced.

Heat Tracing

Many products freeze or become viscous when exposed to ambient temperatures. Others polymerize, react, and become corrosive when exposed to ambient temperatures. In these cases, when heat tracing may be required, special precautions need to be taken.


TEFLON® is a trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes TEFLON®.

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